UAE Company

The UAE company is governed the Companies Law which was passed in 2009. UAE business establishement, same as Dominica company registration, experienced significant growth due to the economic benefits available in the United Arab Emirates, thanks to this very progressive UAE Companies Law. The UAE Companies Law has put in place a favorable environment for UAE companies and UAE corporation creation for UAE companies by the Government.

Tax Free UAE Company

UAE companies operating overseas (offshore) are classified as UAE offshore companies. These UAE companies are tax free as long as income is earned outside the UAE or, may get special tax benefits for operating in a free trade zone.

Single Family Office UAE

One of the UAE companies which have gained popularity among international investors in the Single Family Office. This UAE company operates from within the International Financial Center, and are in fact corporations and partnerships which are allowed to provide their services only to a single family. For this UAE company operations of the SFO, this refer to family owned trusts, family owned companies and family owned partnerships. This UAE company is expected to operate from within the DIFC. UAE companies like these must have a minimum capital (solvent) of US $10 million.

Recognised Company UAE

Recognised Companies UAE are foreign companies which are authorised to do business in or from within UAE as a UAE company (onshore or offshore). Recognised companies UAE must have a representative or agent in the UAE.

Limited Liability Company UAE

The Limited Liability Company UAE has a structure like the US LLC. Persons who contribute capital are said to have a membership interest, not a share interest; therefore they are referred to as members. The Limited Liability Company UAE is member managed. Alternatively, a manager may be hired. The name of a Limited Liability Company UAE has to get the approval of the Registrar of companies UAE before the company can be registered. The name of an Limited Liability Company UAE has to end with either ‘LLC’ or ‘Limited Liability Company’.

UAE Limited Partnership

This structure is not regarded as a UAE ‘company’ in the sense that it is a partnership. A UAE LP may be created to conduct any lawful business activity. UAE company incorporation and management of an LP is based on the Limited Partnership Law (DIFC Law No. 4 of 2006).

No limit is put on the number of members that this type of UAE company may have. However, at least one member, who must be a general partner is required to incorporate this UAE company. The general partner is accountable for the debts of this UAE Company (LP). This UAE company may operate as a UAE offshore company, provided that incorporation occurred in the UAE and operations are conducted only outside UAE. Partnerships in UAE are required to have a Partnership Agreement. Limited Liability Partnerships can also be formed and registered in UAE along with other UAE companies.

Special Purpose Company UAE

Special Purpose Companies UAE are companies which are required to conduct only exempt activities. The Special Purpose Company UAE can be incorporated for use by investment companies, trustees of investment trusts, as well as investment partnerships for holding property or funds. It must however be noted that these UAE companies cannot be used as trustees for investment trusts, general partners of investment partnerships or investment companies.

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