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The UAE is made up of a total of seven Emirates, namely, Abu Dhabi which is the capital, Dubai, Umm al-Quwain, Sharjah, Fujairah, Ajman and Ras-al Khaimah. UAE companies are attractive as vehicles for international business. Companies in UAE are provided with a business environment established on strong principles of integrity, professionalism and advancement.

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UAE company launching, similar to Seychelles company incorporation, is a fast growing sector as a result of the constant development and stability of the UAE, which was formed in 1971. A company in UAE operates in an investor friendly business climate. Additionally, companies in UAE receive quality service and expertise provided by the large pool of professionals in UAE.

For UAE companies, Government policies to promote the immigration of foreign expertise and professionals have worked to the benefit of companies in UAE. A company in UAE can, as result, be staffed by its own team of professionals, and access multi-national human resources, skills and talents right there in UAE.

UAE company incorporation can be done to create different types of UAE companies. For example, there is the Investment UAE Company, a Special Purpose Company (SPC), an LLC (Limited Liability Company), an LP (Limited Partnership), a PCC (Protected Cell Company) or an LTD. (company limited by shares). Being able to register such a wide range of UAE companies makes it possible for businessmen and corporations to incorporate UAE company structures which best suits their needs.

Every UAE company is regulated by legislation. There is the Companies Law (DIFC law No. 2 of 2009) which governs limited companies in UAE, while the SFO is governed by the Single Family Office Regulations; limited partnerships are governed by the Limited Partnership Law (DIFC Law No. 4 of 2006); and LLP’s by the DIFC Limited Liability Partnership Regulations.

UAE companies, in particular, RAK offshore companies and Dubai offshore and RAK offshore companies have received a lot of attention. Thus, Dubai offshore companies and RAK offshore companies are two widely used UAE companies. They benefit from a series of tax exemptions, and if as companies in UAE were to operate from within the UAE in any one of the UAE free zones, would operate in an advanced and tax free environment.

UAE offshore services consist of a number of international services and business opportunities for any company in UAE. Offshore UAE opportunities appeal to numerous corporations and investors from different parts of the world. UAE free zones in particular are home to some of the most modernized and technologically advanced financial and business centres internationally.

UAE companies are mainly trading entities but may also seek licensing for various business activities. Offshore UAE offers several areas of business that international investors and companies in UAE can put to full use, such as deposit taking, financial product and credit consultancy, alternative trading, insurance management, custody services, representative offices, asset management, investment agencies and trustee funds.

Procedures for RAK organization founding, similar to Panama company formation, and Dubai offshore companies are efficient and hassle free. RAK company formation has been described as very fast growing, partly because of the innovative free zone park system that was set up for RAK offshore companies and companies in general which do business in RAK. Dubai offshore companies are very popular among international investors, as Dubai has made a name for itself internationally. Dubai offshore companies as well as RAK offshore companies must be incorporated through a registered agent for UAE offshore companies.

UAE Free zones is made up of about thirty free zones which are located throughout the UAE region. UAE free zones include the Hamriyah Free Zone, Ras Al khaimah Free Trade Zone, Masdar City, Abu Dhabi, Fujairah Free Zone, Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority (JAFZA), UAE Industrial Park and Dubai Airport Freezone.

UAE free zones offer a friendly tax regime, which levies no tariffs on imports, no corporation tax and personal income tax, no exchange controls on the transfer of profits and capital and makes it possible for a UAE company to be fully owned by foreign nationals. Registration for companies in UAE free zones is efficient and expedited through simple, one-stop process. UAE Companies operating in free zones in UAE can bring in foreign employees and hire expats, to diversify staff to best suit their needs in UAE free zone.

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